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Earn Employee Loyalty

Everyone has a voice, and no one has all the answers by themselves. Build trust by involving employees.

Create Innovation Culture

Innovating employees are engaged employees. Turn employees into inventors with company culture.

Recognize Achievement

Visibility is the key to success. Showcase your accomplishments in your own internal promotion profile.

Build a Tribe

You have a place. Build your tribe as your organization builds innovation and engagement culture.

How It Works

Deploy our VoiceIt platform for employees to crowdsource ideas and build up their profiles.
Our analytics measure engagement and improve employee retention while you build your tribe.

Employees Submit Their Ideas

Unlocking employee innovation potential instantly improves the bottom line.

Auto-build Internal Profiles

As employees interact, experience is automatically saved to profiles.

Accurate Engagement Analytics

No need for surveys. Innovation activity is a far better predictor.

Build And Retain Your Tribe

Social dashboard gives early warning on key departures and auto-retains.

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